There is a wedding coming up very soon in the family and that is a reason that we are going to have take a 15 days break from work and get along with the whole wedding event for which we are going to start with engagement photography in Mississauga and post that is done we are going to go for theme wedding and it is going to be destination wedding in Maldives which is going to be fun. Apart from this we are also going to have a lot of dancing and many other pre-wedding functions like Sangeet which is a musical night before the wedding as well as we are going to have mehendi which is going to be a Heena tattoo and it is going to take place two days before the wedding and just on the day of the wedding we are going to have healthy function where we are going to apply a paste made of turmeric and sandalwood on the bride and groom as a gesture of perspective and love of new beginning in life.

The bride also loves to pose for photographs and that is one of the reasons that it is a bucket list wish of the bride that she wants to have a good Pre wedding photographer like GTA Portraits to do the pre wedding shoot for the couple also. The good part is that GTA portraits is already doing the photography for the engagement event that is going to take place in Mississauga and now will be taking them that ask for the pre wedding shoot and other events that are needed for the photograph.

The whole process of wedding started in everybody was very happy and we used to have photographs taken for every split the event that we used to do at the venue and then you also decided upon how we are going to do the entire wedding photography at the beach in natural Daylight and it is going to be one of the best photo shoot that GTA Portraits have done for a wedding photography in Mississauga which goes International as a destination wedding.

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