A wedding is one of the most important events in life, especially for brides who wish to make everything perfect. Whether it’s the dress, decoration or food, they go through several options before finalizing the one that resonates best with their dream wedding picture. 

Photography is one of the crucial parts of a wedding as it will let you capture the best and unforgettable moments of your wedding. If you are planning a fairy tale wedding you will probably like to frame it so you and your partner can cherish the moment for a lifetime. 

We know how important wedding photography is for you. This blog will take you to five popular wedding styles, so you can pick a style that resonates with your wedding image. 

Traditional wedding photography

Traditional wedding photography is one of the prominent and classic styles. It is one that our parents had for their wedding. The style is pretty straightforward and is captured at eye level. The photographer may not be more creative but used most widely. In fact, all the wedding photographers mix traditional weddings in their photography which mostly include portrayals of family after the ceremony.

Editorial wedding photography

Editorial photoshoots are like shooting for a magazine. If you are a person who admires magazine models and imagines yourself as one of them, this photography style will be a dream come true. 

The photography style works on poses and lighting. A professional photographer will understand what type of editorial style you are looking for and will guide you through professional poses. This photography style is more controlled by the photographer; they are focused on creating a one kind photo with themes, colours and styles. 


This wedding photography is one of the most trending styles at present. It involves taking wedding pictures from the drone at an above angle. 

A good drone with HD camera equipment will shoot photos at bird’s eye view capturing beautiful landscapes. With aerial photography, you will get a wide frame of your wedding ceremony at great angles which is hard to achieve through other forms of photography. 


Landscape photography is much different from the other wedding photography style. This style is preferred for couples who are interested in landscapes and destination weddings. The photographers are experienced in framing a perfect photo of the couple in the beautiful scenic beauty.

Although the style will capture the best shots, it is very luxe. Not only you will be spending a lot of money but will also have to do a lot of travel arrangements for yourself as well as the photographers. 


Photojournalistic photography style is contradictory to editorial wedding photography style. The photographer will not ask you to pose like a model or sit at a perfect spot but rather an eye for beautiful candid moments. Whether it’s a romantic moment with your partner or dance with your partner and tears in your parents’ eye. Unlike other styles this is not the style is not about getting a perfect pose or style but capturing stories and in-between moments.

The style is mostly preferred by people hosting intimate wedding ceremonies. It’s all about emotion, love and joy. 

Takeaway: These are some of the most popular wedding photography styles. However, these are not the only ones. Also, not that you do not necessarily have to choose one photography style you can choose to mix different styles. The only thing is to find a professional and experienced photographer. At GTA Portraits we do exactly what we say, introduce you to professional photographers who will thoroughly understand your choice and deliver awe-inspiring photographs. 

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