Life is precious and capturing every moment of it is as important, life is unpredictable, these photographs are like memories that will last forever… Wedding photography in Toronto is quite famous for it helps all the happy moments stay with you always. Wedding is one of those events that holds a special event in your life that changes your life forever, one time when your life changes forever. Capturing moments are a bride is so much important, the bride will cherish it for rest of her life and proudly show those pics to their kids and friends even after years.

GTA Portraits does wedding photography in Toronto, using incredible handmade props and utilize natural light to come up with timeless photographs that will last in your family for generations to come to cherish and remember it. As Wedding marks the journey of togetherness, unity, love, we at GTA Portraits capture all the precious moments into photographs that can be cherished ever after. You will be reliving your day every time you see the photos. And you can capture time in photo.

You can get professional photography in Toronto done from the pre-wedding rituals like in an Indian wedding includes Mehndi ceremony where the bride gets special Mehndi tattoo done on hands and feets,the bride makes sure her Mehndi photographs are taken for her to cherish later on, haldi ceremony is important where turmeric paste is applied by relatives on bride and groom a day before the wedding, sangeet is more like a pre-wedding celebration wherein everyone performs and dances eats and have a gala time and all this deserves a good lense capture to rejoice the event, and then wedding and is like the best part a day when the bride has butterflies in her stomach and has all shy and thrilled to start a new phase in her life.

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