Wedding rough the corner! Wedding preparation is one of the major  There is so much to prepare the venue, decoration, guest list, food, dress, budget and so much more.

At least we can make it easier for you with the photography. At GTA portraits you will find experienced wedding photographers, who have expertise in capturing the best moments of the day and offer beautiful pieces of art for you to cherish forever. 

With us, you don’t have to worry about a perfect photo angle or your camera-shy spouse. Our photographers will take care of your concern and will be assisting you with the perfect pose, lighting, angles and more.

Wedding photography is all about capturing precious moments of joy, laughter, and tears. The best wedding photos are the one that reflects the emotions of the bride or groom or their family. At GTA portraits are aimed for the exact thing, to take splendid moments of your day, the speech, the dance, the fun, all the bridegroom, the drama and more. 

Want to have a romantic photoshoot with your partners? We are happy to assist. Talking to photographers will never be this easy. When it comes to getting your dream shot, good communication with your photographer is crucial. Our photographer will through listen to your idea on what type of image you are really looking for. Inspired photos or your favourite Pinterest image or a celebrity photo, and we will make our best effort to give you the exact image you have in your mind. 

We will also take care of the personality you want to be reflected in your image, whether you like graceful poses or Bollywood romance, we will shoot the photos as per the personality you prefer. 

Apart from wedding photography, we are reputed for engagement and pre-wedding photography. Capture the enticing romance with your partner and share it with the world. 

In our wedding photography experience, we have captured weddings of so many cultures and rituals on different themes and locations. That’s what makes us professionals, we have the eye for detail, e can conceptualize beautiful moments like vows, speeches and prayers. Moreover, we know how to play with shadows given awe-inspiring bridal moments. 

Love in the air and we are here to shoot that beautiful breeze of love on all your special days. Pre-wedding, post, wedding, family portraits, romantic photoshoot, bridal photoshoot, dressing room fun and more. 

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